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 made-in-canadaWe believe that a healthy family is one that aligns itself with nature and finds everything they need for health and happiness from the abundance that the Earth provides. If you love the environment, organic nutrition, living chemical free and being true to Mother Earth, than you will definitely love our products. 




To ensure that our ingredients are delivered in the most beneficial, natural and nutritionally rich state, we carefully extract using a cold pressed method. Significantly we don’t add any chemical preservatives. Zero toxins is a must. We always try to print our ingredients on the most visible place on the package. Speaking of package, it is BPA-free in a dark amber color which makes it UV protected. Our skillfully formulated and certified Organic ingredients work in both, a safe and efficient way. 





Immortelle oil is one of the most powerful oils known today, it was primarily reserved only for expensive high-end French cosmetic products. We wanted to change this and to enable you to use it in our products for an afordable price. We signed contracts with two of the largest distilleries from a Mediterian Island famous for it’s Immortelle growers. Buying directly from the source allows us to have the purest oil and to stay in a customer-friendly price zone.


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