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Author: Sandra Brestovac
Date: Apr 2, 2017
Category: Stretch Mark Tips


1.      Eating healthy isn’t only healthy for you, but also for your child. It is probably the most essential technique to avoid stretch marks. As soon as you become pregnant, you will stop unhealthy routines regarding cigarette smoking, drinking alcohol and preforming other things that may damage your child.


2.      Stay hydrated. It is important to stay well hydrated in pregnancy.


3.      Start including nutritional vitamins in your everyday routine. Also, maintain organic skincare products in order to prevent any kind of terrible unwanted effects for both equally you as well as your unborn child.


4.      Physical exercise. It will likely prevent fast weight gain which can or else result in stretch marks. Speak with your physician and ask which workouts you can perform without having doing harm to your baby.


5.      Keep track of your weight.



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